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Hiking trails of Zagori

If you love hiking through dense forests, traditional stone made villages, alongside beautiful rivers or in alpine landscapes, then Zagori is the perfect destination for you!  It is located within the National Park of Vikos – Aoos, which is part of the Natura 2000 ecological network and one of the UNESCO Geoparks. Zagori spans across 100 km² in the slopes of Pindos range, which is considered the backbone of Greece, with peaks as the Smolikas (2637 m), the Tymfi (2466 m ), the Gamila (2480 m) and the Astraka (2432 m). The area features rich flora (over 1000 species of plants, herbs and trees, some of them endemic to the area) and fauna, the spectacular Vikos gorge (one of the deepest gorges in the world!) and Voidomatis river, one of the clearest rivers in Europe. The relatively small human impact and the somewhat geographical remoteness of the region have converted the area into a unique natural paradise. Combining the striking natural landscape with the unparallel architecture of every single village, the masterful stone bridges and the byzantine monasteries carved into the mountains, as well as the long history of the region, Zagori is the ultimate hiking destination in Greece, offering unlimited opportunities for nature and adventure lovers!

There are 31 marked trails in Zagori, some of them part of the national trails E6 and O3. Below we are listing our favorite ones, which are also some of the best hiking trails in Greece and part of our hiking adventures!

· Hiking trail Kapesovo – Vradeto – Beloi and back

This hiking trail allows you to get acquainted with two of Central Zagori’s gems, the Vradeto steps (Skala Vradetou) – a cobble stone path built in the 16th century at the slopes of Vikos Gorge – and Beloi viewpoint, one of the most spectacular “balconies” of Vikos gorge offering panoramic views over the canyon.

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The Northern Pindos National Park was established in 2005

It is one of the most important areas at both national and European levels. It uniquely combines natural and man-made environments and geographically unifies the pre-existing National Forests of Pindos (Valia Kalda) and Vikos-Aoos. Rich in natural resources, numerous religious and cultural monuments, the region brought about the development of traditional villages into centers of touristic attraction. The Northern Pindos National Park is the largest terrestrial National Park in Greece , with an area of 2.000 km2, constituting unique ecologic and environmental values at national, European and global levels. The Vikos-Aoos and Pindos (Valia Calda) National Forests, are two out of the 11 areas of the EU-wide network of _NATURA 2000_ protected areas. In addition, 11 wildlife refuges are included within the boundaries of the Northern Pindos Park, and Vikos-Aoos Geopark as well as a Biogenetic Reserve at the Valia Calda core. Since 2002, the mission of the Northern Pindos National Park Management Agency is the vigilant protection and management of the area and its peripheral zones with the goal of promoting ecologic, aesthetic, cultural and local values in a sustainable development model in harmony with the human presence in this area of unparalleled beauty.

 Zagori area is the ultimate hiking destination in Greece!

Traditional stone made villages, arch stone bridges and pristine natural landscapes will offer you an unforgettable weekly hiking adventure in Zagori!

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, join us and explore on foot the secret paths of Vikos – Aoos National Park, learn more about the myths and stories of the area, observe the unique flora and fauna, taste the delicious local cuisine and listen to the stories of the local villagers.

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Tour Highlights

  • Hike through Vikos Gorge, one of the deepest canyons in the world
  • Explore the picturesque, untouched by time, stone – made villages of Zagori, wonder around their narrow cobbled streets and admire the traditional architecture
  • Cross historical arch stone bridges
  • Hike to the mythical alpine Dragon Lake at 2.100m!
  • Admire the panoramic views over Vikos Gorge and take beautiful photos from Beloi viewpoint (1.650m altitude)
  • Observe the rich flora and fauna of Vikos – Aoos National Park
  • Taste delicious local food and experience the hospitality and warmth of the local people

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The hospitable Zagorochoria, in the heart of Epirus, are always there to provide you with high quality accommodation and magnificent memories facing the lush forests, the vast gorges, such as the Vikos gorge and the Aoos river. Wherever you are in the Zagori villages and in the rest surrounding area the liquid element, along with the wild mountains, will definately overtake you!

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Voidomatis river Ζαγοροχώρια Εξορμήσεις Hotel Dovra

zagori villages dovra hotel Ζαγοροχώρια Εξορμήσεις Hotel Dovra

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geryri-kamper-agaΖαγοροχώρια Εξορμήσεις Hotel Dovra


Contact Spyrou Philoxenia for more information.

Every visitor who comes for the first time in Zagoria villages has to take some routes to admire the wonderful landscape, the special architecture and the magnificent nature in all its glory. We recommend tours, knowing our place and adorable images that should not be missed.

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“Dovra” Hotel – Elati – Dikorfo (8km)

 From Dikorfo, you have a spectacular view to all the Zagoria villages.

“Dovra” Hotel – to the top of Mitsikeli mountain (5km)

 Heading to the top of Mitsikeli mountain, you can collect herbs, wild mushrooms and origan.

“Dovra” Hotel – Dikorfo – Manassi – Kalouta (13km)

 If you complete the entire route, you will reach Metsovo for horse riding, winter sports and taste the traditional local dishes.

“Dovra” Hotel – Dilofo – Kipi – Negades – Fragades (25km)

 The route continues from Leptokarya-Doliani and ends at Metsovo. A route through the woods.

“Dovra” Hotel – Koukouli – Kapeshovo – Vradeto (17km)

 Magnificent view to Beloi and Vikos Canyon from that point.

“Dovra” Hotel – Kapeshovo – Tsepelovo – Giftokampos – Eliochori – Vrissochori (50km)

 See the traditional Sarakatsani Sheepfolds και discover the habits and lifestyle of a bygone era.

“Dovra” Hotel – Vitsa – Monodendri (7km)

 Experience the breathtaking view to Vikos Canyon from that point.

“Dovra” Hotel – Kato Pedina  – Aristi – Megalo Papigo – Mikro Papigo (30km)

 Enjoy the view to Vikos Canyon and Voidomatis River and visit the traditional little chapel at the river’s springs.

“Dovra” Hotel – Kato Pedina  – Kalpaki – Konitsa (30km)

 Escape your routine with activities and winter sports such as rafting-kayak, monokraft, hotdog, trekking, and mountain bike.

“Dovra” Hotel – Kato Pedina –  Kalpaki (35km)

 In Kalpaki you can visit the monument of “Ochi” World War-II.

“Dovra” Hotel – Ioannina (26km)

 Visit the beautiful city of Ioannina, at the shore of Pamvotis lake with the small island and Vrellis Wax Work Museum.

“Dovra” Hotel – Kato Pedina  – Elafotopos (10km)

“Dovra” Hotel – Ioannina – Dodoni (45km)

 Visit the ancient theatre of Dodoni

“Dovra” Hotel – Vassilitsa Winter Ski Resort (117km)

 Enjoy unforgettable moments with popular winter sports.

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zagori villages dovra hotel

zagori villages dovra hotel

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Ideal routes for hiking:

  • Elati – Dikorfo
  • To the top of Mitsikeli mountain

Tours by car:

  • Dikorfo – Manassi – Kalouta
  • Dilofo – Kipi – Negades – Fragades
  • Koukouli – Kapeshovo – Vradeto
  • Kapeshovo – Tsepelovo – Giftokampos – Eliochori – Vrissochori
  • Vitsa – Monodendri
  • Kato Pedina  – Aristi – Megalo Papigo – Mikro Papigo
  • Kato Pedina  – Kalpaki – Konitsa
  • Kato Pedina – Kalpaki
  • Ioannina
  • Kato Pedina  – Elafotopos
  • Ioannina – Dodoni

Vassilitsa winter ski resort

zagori villages dovra hotel